TAWDE KHABARE: Peace Talks With Taliban Deadlocked


Official say talks with the Taliban are at an impasse in the wake of Pakistan’s continued backing of the group and its links with the al-Qaeda terrorist network.

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Referring to the soured relations between Kabul and Islamabad, the European Union (EU) Special Representative and Head of the EU Delegation to Afghanistan, Ambassador Franz-Michael Mellbin, on Sunday said that the frustration and anger among Afghan officials is in some way understandable.

However he called upon the two countries to resolve their disputes and disagreements by using diplomatic channels and negotiations.

The EU envoy warned against the breakdown in relations and said it was a mistake.

Pakistan was the expected venue for the second round of peace talks between the Afghan government delegation and the Taliban – where Afghan officials had hoped to present a ceasefire proposal.

In this episode of Tawde Khabare, host Yama Alimi discusses the issue with the following guests:

• Mohammad Seddiq Patman, political analyst
• Najibullah Manalai, political analyst
• Mohammad Natiqi, member of the government’s talks delegation


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