TAWDE KHABARE: Survey Finds Biggest Concern For Youth Is Unemployment


In a recent survey conducted by Democracy International (DI), in conjunction with Tadbeer Consulting, the study found that the youth in Afghanistan are generally more concerned about their economic status than politics.

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When asked what the biggest problem facing Afghan youth today is, the majority of respondents (82 percent of household youth and 72 percent of students) said unemployment and poverty were the critical issues.

When asked if they had any intention of leaving the country to seek work abroad a staggering 46.7 percent of students said yes, while 36.8 percent of household youth said they too would leave.

However, on the need to vote in elections, 86 percent of household youth said this was very important while 94 percent of household youth said the need to be patriotic and loyal to the country was critical.
The percentage of household youth respondents who name unemployment as the biggest problem facing youth has more than doubled since 2013.

In this episode of Tawde Khabare, host Shapoor Baktiyar discusses the topic with the following guests:

• Ali Eftekhari, a spokesman for the Ministry of Labor
• Naqibullah Sayesh, senior advisor at the Ministry of Information and Culture
• Faiz Mohammad Zaland, lecturer at Kabul University


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