TAWDE KHBARE: Afghanistan Ranked Second in Human Trafficking


The latest U.S. report on human trafficking has put Afghanistan in second place in terms of human trafficking and states that most of the victims are reported to be children.

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The report, which is compiled annually by the U.S. State Department, rates 188 countries on their efforts to curb human trafficking.

The 2015 U.S. report illustrated Cuba, Kenya and Saudi Arabia are doing better at fighting the phenomenon, while Egypt, Ghana and Bulgaria are reported to be the worst countries in the battle.

Furthermore, the report stated that Afghan boys were also being subjected to forced labor in Iran in the construction and agricultural sectors.

In this episode of Tawde Khabare, host Zabiullah Sadat discusses the issue with the following guests:

Abdul Rahman Hotak, commissioner of the Independent Human Rights Commission
Muhibullah Sharif, Freelance journalist
Javed Shakeb, civil society activist
Gul Padshah Majidi, MP

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