Terrorists Trying To Sow Seed Of Sectarianism: Mohaqeq


The CEO’s second deputy, Mohammad Mohaqeq, said on Wednesday that terrorists are trying to create sectarian conflict between the Shias and Sunnis in Afghanistan and that inclusive security measures are needed so as to prevent a repeat of Monday’s deadly mosque bombing in Kabul.

Mohaqeq made the remarks during the burial ceremony of two of the victims of Monday’s bombing at Baqir-ul-Ulom mosque – Khudadad and Mohsin.

“There are indications that the enemies of Afghanistan are plotting to use special tactics and infiltrate the Madrasas (religious schools) and mosques, however major parts of their activities have been dismantled. But the thing is that Daesh operatives who carry out crimes in Iraq and Syria will not be able to implement their schemes in Afghanistan,” said Mohaqeq.

The families of the victims are still reeling from shock at the loss of their loved ones and have called on government and the international community to ensure that justice is served on those guilty of planning the attack.

“The criminals carried out such attacks and try to disintegrate us, but they will not reach to their objectives; we want the government to take initiatives to secure the citizens,” said religious scholar Waizada Behsudi.

Khudadad was the eldest son in his family and was father to a boy in class 5.

“I am a student and we lost our breadwinner, we want the government to help families of the martyrs,” said Khaliq, Khudad’s son.

The attack on Baqir-ul-Ulom mosque left at least 46 dead and more than 80 others wounded, said Mohaqeq – a revision on the original death tally of 32.

Monday’s deadly attack on the Arbaeen ceremony marks the fourth attack on Shias in the past few months.

Daesh claimed responsibility for the bombing.

The group also said they carried out two attacks during the Shia ceremony of Ashura on October 11, in Kabul, and on October 12, in the northern province of Balkh, that altogether killed at least 32 people.

The group also claimed a July 23 attack against a demonstration by mainly Hazara Shia in Kabul, killing at least 85 and injuring 413, the deadliest attack in Afghanistan on civilians since 2002.


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