The Life of Jamaluddin, a Victim of Mosque Bombing


Jamaluddin, 36, was a carpenter who died in the suicide attack on Arabaeen mourners at Baqir-U.K.-Ulom mosque on Monday.

Jamaluddin lived in a rented house.

He has left three children, a mother and widow behind.

“He was living in a rented house, his shop was in Char Qala Char Dehi, he was in the mosque when the incident happened,” said Jamaluddin’s cousin Kamaluddin.

“What kind of government is this, that cannot ensure the security of the people, dollars come and they (government) send the money to their accounts, make buildings, but the nation is still sinking in blood,” said Abdul Wahid, a relative.

All the victims killed in the attack were civilians. The attack has left dozens of families in state of uncertainty.


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