Those Who Kill Our People Are Our Enemies: Abdullah


CEO Abdullah Abdullah on Wednesday said those who kill our people are our enemies and that there is no good nor bad terrorist – all of them are bad.

Speaking at a ceremony to mark 8 Sawr, the 24th victory day of mujahidden against Dr. Najibullah’s government, Abdullah said: “As there is no difference between good and bad terrorists, there is no difference between them and those countries supporting them.”

“We are victims of terrorism but, the world should know that terrorism is a common enemy of all of us and can turn against everyone,” Abdullah said.

Abdullah criticized the former government for releasing prisoners and said that “those terrorists who were released from the prisons are killing us again now. Why were they released instead of being kept in prison?”

He said: “There were people who had to be in prison but were released but many innocent people were taken to prisons for no reason.”

He states that all of this is just an example of “bad heritage” that the National Unity Government (NUG) was left with and paid the price all last year to deal with.

But he assured the people that “this year will be a better one where we will focus on infrastructure and development. This year is a year of success for Afghanistan.”

He also pointed out that President Ashraf Ghani at his Monday’s address to the national assembly “clarified the lines and codes of conduct against the enemies.”

“President in his speech also talked about implementation of law and execution of terrorists and it will happen,” he added.

On security forces, Abdullah said that the government has had many achievements in the past year which one is the strength and success of the security forces.

“Political leadership, Parliament and Ulema have announced their support for the Afghan security forces. We are also committed to enhancing their capabilities,” according to Abdullah.

But he called on the nation that “we all must be clear on how we deal with insurgents, how we react to terrorists and the enemies of Afghanistan. Our positions must be clear.”

“Those who fight will be eliminated. Those who lay down their weapons and join the peace process will be welcomed,” Abdullah said.

He promised the nation and the families of the victims of last week’s attack on VIP Protection Unit in Kabul, which killed more than 60 people and wounded almost 350, that everything is being done to bring the perpetrators to book.

“We will be investigating the incident that targeted the VIP Protection Unit in Kabul. We will be finding out where the failure was and why,” Abdullah said.

“We are committed to take the revenge of the blood of our soldiers. They are our heroes and we will avenge their blood.”

“We don’t forget how enemies have killed our people. We will make them count for what they have done to our nation. We hold them accountable,” he said.

He emphasized that the government is working on bringing peace to the country and added that “peace will ultimately be restored in Afghanistan. A peace with dignity and respect. Dignified peace for all of us.”

“Our cause is a noble cause. We will continue to fight for it and won’t set back. It is a good way forward for the future. We must work together to avoid issues that spark issues internally,” he said.

“We are one nation, a nation that is united against the enemy and our foreign enemies. We stand together and face the problems unitedly.”

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