Tofan Harrirod Beats De Abasin Sape 2-0


In the final match of the group games, Tofan Harrirod defeated De Abasin Sape 2-0 on Saturday, but was not able to make its way to the semifinals.‎

With this win Tofan Harrirod got six points – equal to Maiwand Atalan’s, but Maiwand Atalan makes its way to the semifinals. ‎

This match had been vital for Tofan Harrirod which played hard throughout the game.

In the16th minute, Anwar Akbari opened the score board and netted his team’s first goal. ‎

Tofan Harrirod players got many chances to score more goals for their team, but they failed to do so and the first half ended in 1-0.

In the second half of play, Rafiullah Barekzai notched another goal for his team after a penalty kick.

Hedayatullah Quraishi, from De Abasin Sape got a yellow card in the 59th minute and was sent off the field.

Finally the match finished 2-0 in favor of Tofan Harrirod.

Shaheen Asmayee, Mawjhai Amu, Simorgh Alborz and Da Maiwand Atalan are through to the semifinals.

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