TOLOnews 10pm News 16 August 2015

10pm-news-16-August-2015Top news in this Bulletin:

The findings of the fourth survey in a series conducted by ATR Consulting and TOLOnews shows Afghan President Ashraf Ghani’s popularity has further dipped, illustrating a decrease of 5.7 percent as compared to results published in May. According to the findings released on Sunday, slightly less than 20 percent of the entire population in Afghanistan is “very satisfied” with the performance of Ghani since he assumed office last year in September – this is down from 25.5 percent in May.

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First Vice-President General Abdul Rashid Dostum has increased momentum in his fight against Taliban insurgents in northern Afghanistan by rallying support from local residents. This task has been made easier by a wave of horrific terrorist attacks by the militant group in recent weeks as well as widespread denunciations of their alleged backers in Pakistan by Afghan leaders.

The Medicine Importing Companies Union – a private sector union – on Sunday announced that its affiliated companies will no longer import pharmaceutical products from Pakistan in protest over the rise in suicide bombings in the country, for which Pakistan has been blamed.


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