TOLOnews 6pm News 01 August 2015

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Local officials from eastern Nangarhar province on Saturday said that the Pakistani military has repeatedly fired missiles into the province over the past three days. Zabihullah Zemarai, a member of the Provincial Council of Nangarhar, told TOLOnews that “until yesterday [Friday] about 13 rockets were fired into Nazyan district of the province,” he said. A number of homes were destroyed in the attack but no casualties were reported, said officials.

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 Hundreds of foreign Taliban insurgents are present in the Warduj district of north-eastern Badakhshan province and are fighting security forces, officials said on Saturday. Tamim Hamid, TOLOnews reporter, who visited the area this week, said that hundreds of insurgents, including their foreign counterparts, attacked Teergeran military base in Warduj over the past four days and have tried to take control of the strategic outpost.

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