TOLOnews 6pm News 26 October 2015

nataq-26-15Top news in this Bulletin:

As unrest continues in the war-hit region of Wardoj district in northern Badakhshan province, local officials on Monday announced that the insurgents have closed down all schools in the area and are recruiting students to fight for them. This was confirmed by acting governor of Badakhshan Shah Waliullah Adeeb who said numerous students have been recruited by the Taliban and sent to war zones.

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 A 7.5 magnitude earthquake hit Afghanistan on Monday afternoon at about 13:40 with its epicenter in the Jurm district of northeastern Badakhshan province, according to the US Geological Survey. The powerful quake, which occurred in the Hindu Kush mountains – 256km north-east of Kabul city – jolted countries across the region including Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, India and Pakistan. However the Pakistani Geological Center reports that the quake measured 8.1 in Islamabad and surrounding areas.

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