TOLOnews Goes HD


We would like to inform our viewers who watch TOLOnews on satellite that from September 1, 2016, the channel will only be available in HD (high definition).

If you watch TOLOnews on satellite we suggest you talk to your local satellite box provider and check that your box is compatible with the MPEG 4 HD format and upgrade your existing equipment accordingly.

For those who watch us through terrestrial and want to upgrade to HD they will need to do so through satellite, otherwise TOLOnews will remain available in normal quality through terrestrial.

How to watch us in HD on satellite:

Frequency= 12015 MHz
Polarity= Horizontal
Symbol rate= 27500 Ksps
FEC= 3/4
Standard/Modulation= DVB-S2/8PSK

Satellite box receiver needs to be compatible with MPEG-4. HD

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