Torkham Gate Reopens To Traffic

Torkham Gate, which was closed due to clashes between Afghan and Pakistani forces, was reopened early on Saturday morning.

According to local officials in Nangarhar, the gate was reopened after talks between Afghan and Pakistani officials.

Torkham crisis has left a number of casualties on both sides. Three Afghan border police and a high ranking Pakistani general have been killed during the crisis including two Afghan children. 21 other Afghan soldiers were wounded in the battle with Pakistani military.

Meanwhile, closure of the gate has affected trade ties between Afghanistan and Pakistan as hundreds of trucks, carrying commodities and other goods, were stuck on the two sides of the Durand Line for the past six days.

It is said that nearly 60 percent of imported goods enter the country through Torkham Gate. At least 2,000 containers cross the gate on a daily basis.

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