Torkham Tensions: Af-Pak Talks End Without Result


No conclusive outcome has been reached in the talks between Afghan and Pakistani officials on the Torkham border tensions. Pakistan continues to insist on building four gates at different points of the Torkham crossing, unconfirmed reports say.

The Afghan Foreign Ministry has rejected the reports, saying the two countries agreed to overcome their differences through establishing a joint mechanism.

“These are only rumors that Pakistan has insisted on building four gates at the Torkham crossing. This has not been raised in the talks between Afghan and Pakistani officials,” said Shekib Mustaghni, deputy spokesman for Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Afghan analysts said construction of any kind of gate or installation by Pakistan at the Torkham gate would be against existing international conventions.

“Afghanistan continues to want to use diplomatic channels to resolve the matter. If this did not work, Afghanistan could refer the issue to international courts,” said international affairs analyst Faramarz Tamanna.

“If Afghanistan remained silent, it would mean that, by default, it had accepted the building the installations near the crossing. By Pakistan going ahead with the project, such action would result in making the Durand Line the official border,” said university lecturer Nasrullah Stanikzai.

According to reports, the Afghan and Pakistani officials have agreed during the current talks to overcome the issue between the two countries’ leaders at a summit soon to be held in Shanghai.

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