Trump's Stance On Afghanistan Still A Mystery


Following Donald Trump’s surprise win on Wednesday in the U.S presidential election race, New York’s prestigious Baruch College held a post-election discussion where the institute’s president Mitchel B. Wallerstein noted the possibility of a Trump administration bringing in more troops to Afghanistan.

In answer to a question on Trump’s stance on Afghanistan, Wallerstein said: “The question of what happens, as the Taliban continue to be resurgent, and whether the Trump administration will be prepared to put additional U.S forces back to Afghanistan, my guess is that they would.

He went on to say however that in the event of this happening the Afghan war would then become “effectively an endless war instead of looking for some sort of internal political solution to the conflict. So I think these are very significant questions.”

In turn however, Carla Anne Robbins, who was also on the discussion panel, said Trump’s stance remains unclear. Robbins is an adjunct senior fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), and a faculty director of the Master of International Affairs program and clinical professor of national security studies at Baruch College’s Marxe School of Public and International Affairs.

“I don’t see this is a guy who is going to be willing to broker any sort of negotiation with the Taliban but at the same time he wants to bring the troops home so that is a great puzzle,” she said.

But on Wednesday, the U.S embassy in Kabul said the relationship between Kabul and Washington will continue as usual.

“U.S-Afghan relationships remain strong and close. Because it is based not on any election, neither a party but on our common interests, our people to people ties and our shared values,” said Michael McKinley, United States ambassador to Afghanistan.

The question remains however on how will Trump’s presidency impact Afghanistan?

“Donald Trump in his electoral campaign said we will evaluate U.S aid to Afghanistan and will take a decision based on the results of the evaluation on whether to provided further aid or not. I think this is good politics,” said Sediq Patman, a political analyst.

Although Trump did not raise the issue of Afghanistan during his campaign, Afghanistan’s war remains a serious situation for the U.S.

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