Two Policemen Get 20 Years In Prison For Kidnap and Rape


Kabul’s PDS4 Criminal Court on Sunday sentenced two policemen to 20 years in prison each and a civilian to 16 years in prison after they were found guilty on charges of kidnapping and sexual assault against a woman in central Kapisa province last year.

The court prosecutor said the accused were held in custody in Kapisa before being transferred to Kabul. The dossiers of the men were also transferred to Kabul at the request of the Attorney General’s Office following a decision by the Supreme Court office in Kapisa.

The accused, Rishad, Zabihullah and Qudratullah, are all from Kapisa. They kidnapped and raped her in the Nijrab district.

Hamidullah Qaser, the prosecutor in the case said: “According to Rishad’s confession, they first kidnapped the woman and put her in a vehicle. They then raped her inside the car. Then Zabih drove the car and took the woman to a house.”

According to officials, Sunday’s court hearing lasted over two hours. It is believed that the families of the accused were not present in court due to security reasons.

Qazi Abdul Rahman Hikmat, head of Kabul’s PDS4 Criminal Court said: “You Rishad and you Zabihullah are sentenced to 15 years in prison for kidnaping and five years for raping the woman.”

In addition, he sentenced Qudratullah to 16 years imprisonment for assisting in the crime.

Hikmat however granted the accused leave to appeal.

But the accused rejected their sentences and said they would not accept the court’s decision.

“I don’t accept this decision. How can I accept it when I have not done it,” said Rishad, one of the accused.

Zabih said: “I am not aware of the incident, then why am I convicted with 20 years in prison.”

Meanwhile, the third accused Qudratullah said: “I was there as a guest in their house, then why am I convicted with 16 years in prison?”

It is said that a resident of Kapisa who is accused of driving the car when the incident took place has fled and security forces are still searching for him.

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