U.S 'Assessing' Latest Video Of Kidnapped Couple

United States Foreign Ministry spokesman John Kirby said on Wednesday authorities are assessing a new video on the U.S. hostage Caitlan Coleman and her Canadian husband, Joshua Boyle, who were kidnapped back in 2012 near the Pakistani border.

In the new footage the hostages said that if the Afghan government did not stop execution of Taliban prisoners the Taliban will kill them along with their children.

When the Taliban kidnapped them Coleman was pregnant. She has since given birth to two children in Taliban custody.

The Afghan government has yet to comment on the hostage video.

Afghan government executed six terrorists in May at Pul-e-Charkhi prison in Kabul.

According to a source, the terrorists executed were on death row for various attacks, including the attack on Finest supermarket in Kabul six years ago; the assassination of Berhanuddin Rabbani, the head of the high peace council, five years ago; an attack in Qargha four years ago; the assassination of Abdullah Laghmani, deputy head of the national directorate of security (NDS) seven years ago; an attack on an army hospital five years ago and a bombing in Paktia seven years ago.

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