U.S Carries Out Airstrike in Kunduz Against Taliban

US-Black Hawk

NATO-led Resolute Support has confirmed that the U.S carried out an airstrike against a Taliban post on the outskirts of Kunduz city early Tuesday morning.

According to an RS spokesperson, no details were available on casualties.

However, Afghan troops are reportedly also slowly edging their way towards the city center, which fell to the Taliban on Monday.

Afghan CEO Abdullah Abdullah, who addressed the UN General Assembly early this morning (local time) has meanwhile reportedly cancelled all further meetings and is scheduled to return home immediately. His office confirmed Tuesday that Abdullah is set to return home to due the Kunduz crisis. 

The fall of Kunduz is the first such incident since the ousting of the Taliban 14 years ago. It also came on the eve of the National Unity Government’s one year in power anniversary.

Reports have however emerged that local security forces working within the city limits have retaken Kunduz city’s police headquarters and the prison.

Hundreds of reinforcement troops have been deployed to the area and are expected to launch a full military operation soon.

However, Kunduz residents report that they have not had power since early Monday morning and that because of this mobile connectivity is limited as they are not able to charge their batteries.

Some residents also report that there is also now no water.

A number of residents who spoke to TOLOnews.com Tuesday morning have said the streets are currently very quiet and that people are hiding in their homes.

Kunduz fell to the Taliban late Monday afternoon after more than 14 hours of heavy fighting. The group executed a well-orchestrated attack at 3am local time from within the city limits. In addition they closed off the four main access points into the city – effectively cutting off the city from the rest of the country.

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