U.S Forces Deployed In Farah To Help Afghan Soldiers


Officials in Farah on Thursday said NATO’s Resolute Support (RS) mission has deployed its special forces in the province to support the Afghan security forces in fight against Taliban militants.

Mohammad Nasir Mehri, a spokesman for Farah governor, confirmed the report, saying that Taliban insurgents were pushed back from the northern parts Farah city – the capital city of the province.

Reports indicate that clashes between security forces and Taliban are ongoing for the past 10 days.

Earlier on Thursday, security forces launched a military operation against the Taliban in Baagh-e-Pul area in Farah city, where the Afghan and NATO helicopters reportedly targeted the militants’ hideouts.

Confirming the reports, Mehri said dozens of Taliban fighters were killed in the joint military operation conducted by Afghan and U.S forces.

Meanwhile, Farah police chief Gen. Toryalai Abdiyani said security forces have advanced in northern parts of the city.

“Taliban attacked police check posts on Thursday morning but were faced with heavy response by security forces. Currently, the insurgents have been pushed back from the northern parts of the city and the soldiers are chasing them,” Abdiyani stated.

A number of reinforcements who have arrived at the province said they will not allow foreign insurgents to run over the province.

“I am here to defend my country. I will fight Punjabi militants by putting my heart and soul into my duty,” said Sher Ahamd, a police force member, who has newly arrived in Farah.

Farah governor Mohammad Asif Nang meanwhile assured residents of the province by saying that Taliban will not reach their goals and will be defeated by security forces.

“Taliban [militants] are trying to surround the city and finally take its control, but I assure you that they will not reach their nefarious ends,” he added.

Farah residents also said they are optimistic about the recent advances in security forces’ mission against the Taliban in Farah.

“Compared to the last two days, currently the security situation is better [in Farah] and the people have started opening their shops. We hope that security forces gain success in their mission against insurgents,” said Abdul Salaam, a resident of Farah city.

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