U.S, NATO Failed In Its Anti-Terror Mission In Afghanistan: Russian Envoy


Alexander Mantytskiy, the Russian Ambassador to Kabul, on Wednesday said the United States and NATO have failed in their mission to ensure security and rid the country of terrorists.

He also said that reports about a faceoff between Washington and Moscow over Afghanistan and other issues are not true.

He stated that Russia is concerned about insecurity in the north of Afghanistan and that the increase in military relations between Islamabad and Moscow is not linked to any other country.

“They are trying to get rid of all guilt including worsening of the political and military situation in Afghanistan and their failure to win this war despite 15 years of NATO and U.S presence in the country,” he said.

In response to a question about Russia’s relations with Pakistan, he said: “It is a bilateral cooperation and I don’t understand why it is a concern for you as a reporter for your countrymen… We don’t know – speak about your cooperation for example with American side. We just support it. But we want

your American friends to do more here to defeat terrorism and narcotics.”

“Russia is trying to grab the attention of Taliban in order to address Central Asia’s issues. It is trying to avoid Taliban from getting close to the Central Asia, because if the Taliban went there then Russia will be affected by the situation,” said Mohsen Mokhtar, a military affairs analyst.

This comes after tension between Russia and U.S recently escalated over different issues – including the Syrian war.

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