U.S Urged To Mount Pressures On Pakistan


The Afghan Ministry of Interior and Afghan analysts on Saturday said Pakistan should be pressurized further by the United States in order to step up the anti-terror mission inside Pakistani soil – instead of paying the country a package of at least $1 billion in aid.

The United States Congress has said $400 million in aid to Pakistan cannot be released unless the defense secretary certifies that Islamabad is “taking demonstrable” steps against the Haqqani network, which is accused of targeting American interests.

Passed by the Senate by 92 to 7 votes on Thursday, the 2017 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) imposes four conditions on Pakistan to be eligible for $400 million of the $900 million of the Coalition Support Fund (CSF).

Commenting on the issue, the interior ministry spokesman Sediq Seddiqi said: “Even the aid should not have been provided at this level to Pakistan. Pressure should be put on Pakistan, conditions should increase. The issue of fighting terrorism on Pakistani soil must be considered seriously.”

Meanwhile, a number of Afghan analysts also commented on the conditions set by U.S to provide the aid to Pakistan.

“The continuation of anti-terror mission in Pakistani is related to the fact that whether the new U.S administration continues pressure and bribe policy or actually pays attention to Pakistan. It seems that [U.S President-elect] Trump is a serious man,” said military affairs commentator Saleh Mohammad Registani.

“This is part of the acts against Pakistan that can be considered as a pressure in the fight against terrorism and in preventing the double façade policy of Islamabad towards Afghanistan, the entire world and the U.S in particular,” said university lecturer Nasrullah Stanikzai.

This comes after Washington refused to pay $300 million in aid to Pakistan this year.

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