Ulema Council Condemns Attacks, Demands Justice


In a meeting with Afghan President Ashraf Ghani on Friday, members of Afghanistan’s National Ulema Council condemned the spate of recent terrorist attacks around the country, calling them the product of foreign meddling, and urging the Afghan public to mobilize support behind the Afghan National Security Forces (ANSF).

“The Ulema council once again strongly condemns the recent attacks in Kabul city and Logar province that led to the injury and martyrdom of dozens of our countrymen, including women and children,” National Ulema Council member Ghulam Rabbani Rahmani said. “This act of terrorism is against the teachings of Islam and human rights. We want the security institutions to ensure the arrest of the perpetrators and bring them to justice in order to prevent such acts in the future.”

The statement comes a week after a deadly truck bombing in the Shah Shaheed area of Kabul, which killed 15 civilians and wounded more than 400. Further attacks over last weekend saw the body count rise, ultimately prompting President Ghani on Monday to hold a press conference in which he pointed blame at Pakistan for the spike in Taliban violence.

While Afghan officials have been quick to jump on the war path following the attacks, those effected by the bombing in Shah Shaheed indicate the government has done little to nothing to support the families of victims.

“My sister and two cousins were killed here, and their house was totally demolished,” a resident of Shah Shahid named Wahidullah told TOLOnews. “His brother is suffering from trauma and spends his day and night inside a tent,” he added, referring to the relative of his friend standing nearby.

Although the government has spoken about a pledge of 100,000 Afs to the families of those killed and 50,000 Afs to those who were wounded in the Shah Shaheed attack, survivors say none of the money has been distributed.

More than financial support, however, most residents simply demand justice. “Dr. Ashraf Ghani and Abdullah must file a complaint to the UN Security Council to probe the Shah Shaheed carnage and ask for UN support,” another Shah Shaheed resident named Samiullah said.

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