UN Won't Abandon Afghanistan Until Peace Restored: Haysom


Highlighting United Nations’ continued commitment to Afghanistan, Nicholas Haysom, UN Secretary General’s Special Representative said on Thursday that the organization will continue to remain alongside the Afghans until peace and stability is restored in their country.

“We have chosen this way of recognizing the 70 years of the UN existence, because it also symbolizes the partnership between the UN and the Afghan people. But more importantly it recognize is they can do nothing through its capacity to work with Afghans,” he told an event in Kabul to mark UN’s 70th anniversary.

Pictures of those Afghans who have helped the body to work in different parts of war-weary Afghanistan were also displayed at the event attended by several Afghan and foreign officials.

Haysom stated that the UN will not abandon the Afghan people until their security is ensured.

“In conclusion, I want to reconfirm that the United Nations intends to stay in Afghanistan for as long as it will take for Afghans to accomplish their aspirations which is a stable and prosperous Afghanistan,” he noted.

Also present at the event was an Afghan woman, Rahima, who has worked with UN as a polio coordinator for almost 15 years in northern Balkh province.

She called on the families to help the organization in eradicating the virus – which exists now only in two countries, Afghanistan and Pakistan.

“I call on the people and also the militant groups to help with the polio vaccinators all over Afghanistan in order to save the children from being paralyzed,” she continued.

The picture of another UN worker Ghulam Nabi showing him fertilizing the farms were also displayed at the gathering.

He said he has always helped the Afghan farmers to boost their yields by at least 30 percent.

“We have distributed fertilizers to thousands of farmers in Nangarhar province and we have helped increase their products up to 30 percent. They [farmers] are very happy with this,” Nabi said.

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