Unemployed Journalist 'Will Not Leave Country'


A former journalist who lost his job has spoken out about the dire circumstances he now faces – after losing his job in Mazar-e-Sharif – but says despite his hardships he will not leave his country.

Sayed Hedayatullah Hashimi, 42, said he has been unemployed for two months. He said he has knocked on every door possible in search of work but has been unsuccessful.

Hashimi, who has experience in both digital and print media, has studied Dari literature and speaks and writes English and Arabic.

According to him he had been working for Jamhoor news agency until recently.

Hashimi said that after failing to find work, he eventually opened a used-shoe shop, with the help of a former friend, who was also once the editor-in-chief of a local media outlet.

Married just four months, Hashimi now earns between 150 and 200 Afghanis a day – through the sale of shoes from his shop called Emperor Shoes.

Hashimi says poverty and unemployment are driving the youth from the country or forcing them into the ranks of insurgents.

He lashed out at leaders of the National Unity Government (NUG) for not honoring their promise to create jobs for people.

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