US To Strike Daesh At Any Time: State Dept

The US State Department has said that Washington is considering action against Daesh anywhere, including Afghanistan, to curb the group’s further advance as it tries to gain a foothold in various regions including Afghanistan.

He said that Daesh’s aim is to export terrorism to other parts of the world, however Washington is determined to target them anywhere including their leadership.

“I don’t know how significant it is for the broader or other aspect of Daesh’s efforts, which is to export terror to other parts of the world. And we talked about this yesterday. There’s kind of like – there’s Daesh in Israel – or rather, excuse me, in Iraq and in Syria – taking the fight to them. As we do that and put the squeeze on them what we have seen, that I think is related to that, is an effort to establish footholds or affiliates in other places from Afghanistan to Libya. And where we’ve had opportunities to strike them in those areas, we’ve taken those opportunities to strike them and target their leadership,” State Department Deputy Spokesman Mark Toner said.

US urges broader strikes against Daesh at a time that local officials in Kunar, a province in eastern Afghanistan, said the group deployed Hafiz Saeed, a top commander of the group in Kunar, to attend a special gathering held in Chapa Darah village, a move that removed speculation over the death of the reclusive commander.

In the past, rumors surfaced several times that Hafiz Saeed had been killed.

Meanwhile, the Afghan Ministry of Interior (MoI) has said that the security forces will continue their military campaigns against Daesh affiliates in the area.

“Militants apparently associated to Daesh convened a high level meeting in Chapa Darah district of Kunar a week before; at the gathering the group formally announced the nomination of Hafiz Saeed as top commander for Kunar. It seems that Daesh is considering to officially start their military struggle,” said Afghan senator Mohammad Tayyeb Atta.

This development comes at a time that the embattled Afghan security forces have been fighting ongoing battles across Kunar and Nangarhar to curtail the advance of the infamous militant group which is know all over the world because of its harsh acts of violence and brutality.

Amid speculations over the existence of Hafiz Saeed, Afghanistan’s Ministry of Interior (MoI) has said that the government is closely monitoring the movements of Daesh in the region, urging a severe military response if Daesh is seen inside Afghan soil.

“We are closely monitoring the ongoing situations. All necessary measures will be taken into consideration to repress Daesh in Kunar,” said Sediq Sediqqi, a spokesman for the Ministry of Interior.

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