VIDEO: Afghan Brothers Invent New Devices, Robot


Afghan brothers Niamatullah Balkhi and Liaqat Balkhi have invented some new devices including a remote control bomb disposal device, a chopper and robot.

They have used the most preliminary equipment for their new inventions. The chopper designed by the Afghan brothers can fly meters high on the space while the chopper has the capacity of destroying its targets.

“We have invented these tools, we have the capacity of making more advanced things similar to these,” said Niamatullah.

They said that if the government provide them the opportunity. They will make more things.

“if the government support us, we are able to make more advanced machines for our security forces,” said Liaqat.

“Our demand from the leaders of national unity government is to encourage the youths like these and support their programs,” said Mustafa Rezayee, head of Technology and Discovery center.

Liaqat and Niamatullah have also invented an equipment which is used to naturalize roadside bombs. The device is controlled through a remote.

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