Visitors Continue To Flock To Paghman Despite Deadly Attack

paghman 18sep

Despite the deadly suicide attack that jolted Paghman two days ago, the area on Friday witnessed its usual influx of Kabulis who spend weekends in the area.

Visitors to Paghman told TOLOnews on Friday that the militants who carry out attacks against the country will not succeed in demoralizing the nation and stop the people from going out and enjoying themselves. They say the people will be victorious against those inflicting violence on Afghanistan.

But the people from different walks of life including women and children denounced the recent attack in Paghman in the strongest possible terms and expressed satisfaction at the performance of the Afghan National Security Forces (ANSF) who, they say, work day and night to thwart such attacks and secure the nation against threats.

“It is hoped that people continue to visit Paghman, however the traitors struggle to complete their mission, people shouldn’t fear them,” a visitor to Paghman Khan Ahmad told TOLOnews.

“Today our business was much better compared to recent weeks,” said Ezmarai, a watchman at a Paghman parking lot.

“Enemy use all tactics to harm us particularly the youths who constitute the future of this nation,” a student Noorullah said.

“The security situation is not that critical that we risk the lives of our families to get to Greece by resorting to illegal migration. In think the youths must join hands and improve the situation of the country by using their energy,” Kabul resident Haseeb Zabuli said.

“We want peace and security so that we could easily go out for picnics,” another visitor Hanifa said.

Paghman is one of the famous picnic locations in a suburb of Kabul where Afghans flock to on Fridays.

It is however usually fairly peaceful but was the scene of a deadly car bombing at the local police headquarters on Wednesday.

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