War Continues In Chahardara As Taliban Use Houses As Shields


Security officials in Kunduz say a heavy clash is ongoing against the Taliban in Chahardara district in the northern province and that insurgents are using people’s houses to hide in.

TOLOnews reporter, Wali Arian who was with commando troops during the battle, said they were ambushed by the Taliban in the area and that the militants have turned civilian houses into strongholds – which enables them to clash with security forces from the relative security of these buildings, thereby extending the gunfights.

“Their [the Taliban’s] main base is in Chahardara and Dashte Archi districts which are near the city therefore they [the militants] do not want to lose their strongholds easily.”

“We came here [areas near Chahardara] at night and it was difficult to see it from the chopper therefore the battle lasted longer,” he added.

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