War Ongoing In Helmand, Troops Call For Help


A number of security force members fighting militants in Babaji area in Lashkargah city in southern Helmand province said on Sunday that their battle has lasted over a week and that they have not been able to suppress the Taliban due to a lack of military equipment.

“It has been six days that we are in battle here. We retook control of several areas but we lost them due to a lack of military equipment,” said one soldier.

Another soldier said: “This is the third security check post which we have retaken from insurgents. We were in the first line of the war for two days but we received no support.”

A number of police officials meanwhile said Taliban militants have killed family members of police officers in parts of Lashkargah city and that they have destroyed a number of bridges as well.

“The militants have killed some family members of police officers, they have destroyed bridges and burned down schools – for cooperating with government,” a Public Order police commander told TOLOnews.

Meanwhile the head of Helmand’s provincial council Karim Atal said the battle has moved closer to Lashkargah city and that reinforcement troops are needed urgently.

“The defense and interior ministers should pay serious attention to this clash which is now close to Lashkargah city. They should provide our brave troops with air support,” he added.

According to Helmand police, at least 15 militants have been killed in the operation so far.


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