Washington Concerned about Daesh Presence in Afghanistan: Kirby

The United States for the first time officially expressed deep concerns about the presence of Daesh insurgents in Afghanistan – weeks after reports emerged about alleged fighting between Daesh and Taliban insurgents in eastern Nangarhar province.

Washington is seriously concerned about the expansion of Daesh in Afghanistan, the U.S. State Department spokesperson John Kirby said on Tuesday.
The U.S. State Secretary John Kerry had discussed the matter with the Afghan President Ashraf Ghani, he added.

“Nobody said Afghanistan was going to be violence free,” Kirby told a press conference in Washington. “We know and we are watching and we are concerned about ISIL [Daesh] aspirations inside Afghanistan.”

Meanwhile, a number of families in Dor Bala, Kot, Achin and Nazian districts in eastern Nangarhar claimed to have been displaced from their homes by Daesh insurgents.

Insurgents claiming to be Daesh fighters have reportedly warned the residents of these districts that they would not allow these families to return to their homes unless their sons stopped serving the government.

“Daesh forced us out of our homes,” a man who said he is now homeless told TOLOnews. “Insurgents belonging to Daesh asked us to not return to the village unless our family members stop working with the government.”

Another resident of Nangarhar said there was fighting between the Taliban and Daesh fighters. “Daesh fighters lowered Taliban’s white flag and raised their black flag,” he claimed.

The Nangarhar officials also admitted fighting between Taliban and Daesh insurgents but said the Taliban had retaken the areas which they lost to Daesh.

“The Taliban insurgents have been able to retake the villages that Daesh took from them,” said Zabihullah Zemarai, a member of Nangarhar Provincial Council.

The governor of Nangarhar, Salim Khan Kunduzi, also confirmed that the Taliban had retaken the villages recently invaded by Daesh.

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