We Are Helping Afghanistan to Counter Violent Extremism: Kerry


Addressing the U.S Senate Foreign Relations Committee on Tuesday, John Kerry, Secretary of State, said that they are helping Afghanistan and Pakistan to counter violent extremism.

“In Asia, we are standing with our allies in opposition to threats posed by a belligerent North Korea; we are helping Afghanistan and Pakistan to counter violent extremism,” Kerry said.

“Now, of course, this Administration recognizes that the threat posed by violent extremism extends far beyond any one region and it’s not going to be addressed solely – or even primarily – by military means. So the approach that we’ve adopted is comprehensive and it’s long-term,” he said.

The U.S recently increased their assistance to Afghan security forces as insurgents increased violence across Afghanistan. The U.S also increased drone strikes in eastern parts of Afghanistan to eliminate Daesh insurgents.

Five days ago a U.S commander in Kabul said the Afghan National Army (ANA) is expected to use the first specialized surveillance drones in March.

The commander of the unit that procures new equipment for the Afghans, Major General Gordon Davis, said the NATO-led military alliance will provide the remotely piloted ScanEagle aircraft and will train Afghan soldiers to operate the system.

“We are just getting the first drones that will be deployed by the corps,” Davis said as quoted by Reuters.

“We have been preparing sites. The pieces and parts are coming in now,” he added.

According to officials, the aircrafts fly at 4,600 meters above ground and have a wing span of three meters.

Reports suggest that some members of the Afghan army will soon be trained in using drones.

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