We Should Fight For Our Rights: Blast Victim's Mother


Sima, the mother of a boy killed on Saturday in Kabul’s deadly attack, said the nation needs to fight for their rights and justice in society.

Her son, Ahmad Sharif Dawlatshahi, who had a bachelor’s degree in law, was doing his master’s degree in economy.

Sima said her husband also lost his life while seeking justice and human rights and that her “son had followed his father’s route”.

Speaking about the incident that led to the arrest of her husband many years ago, she said: “Soldiers surrounded our house. I went to the door and my husband said that he would be back in three days. But he never came back.”

Sima said that she also lost her son to the fight for freedom and justice.

“At that time when my husband was arrested, there was no one to seek justice when we were oppressed. No one likes to see violence and injustice on others,” she added.

Ahmad Sharif, 37, was married and had two daughters.

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