Website Launched To Help Women Report Crimes


A group of female social activists launched a website on Tuesday aimed at helping women register and report complaints relating to violence against women.

The website, called “The Map of Fear”, will allow women to log in, report their problems and get advice. This help will be extended to victims of abuse, sexual harassment and other forms of violence.

The women and children’s rights organization, that launched the website, said their goal is to overcome sexual abuse and harassment against women in society.

“In addition to that the elimination of violence against women law has been approved by the council of ministers and was published in the official gazette of Afghanistan, but we haven’t seen its effective results so far,” said Shahla Farid, legal advisor for the website.

“In addition to quality-based research, we have also launched a quantity-based research program, which looks at sexual harassment in the work environment, university environment and public places. To find a solution, we have also talked to men,” said Zarqa Yaftali, head of the organization.

Afghan psychologist, Sayed Rohullah Rezwani, said that in a society when a person’s sexual demands are not addressed through safe and legitimate ways, the person naturally looks for illegal ways.

The organization said the advice given to women is free. The website can be accessed at

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