Winter Operation To Be Launched Monday


The Ministry of Defense (MoD) on Sunday said they are ready to launch the “Second Shafaq” operation from Monday in eastern Nangarhar province in order to eliminate the Taliban’s safe havens and cut off their supply routes.

“Tomorrow an operation under the name of Second Shafaq will be launched in which security forces will target insurgents’ supply routes, their recruitment places and the areas where they gather,” said Mohammad Radmanesh, spokesman for the MoD.

Military analysts believe that launching operations in the winter is the season for security forces to eliminate insurgents.

“Winter is the best season to launch special operations. Because in this season Taliban cannot fight very well,” said Jawid Kohistani, a former military officer.

However, it is believed that in winter the Taliban leaders leave for countries that fund them. The MoD said it is therefore important for them to use this time to cut off their supply routes and destroy their safe havens.

“Afghanistan should negotiate with Pakistan and Arabic countries and convince them not to give money to the Taliban,” said Mohsin Mukhtar, another former military officer.

“Security forces should carry offensives in the areas where Taliban exist and not let them return to the region,” said Nadir Baloch, a member of the defense commission of Meshrano Jirga (the Upper House of Parliament.)

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