Wolesi Jirga Selects Members to Decide Electoral Reforms


The Wolesi Jirga (Lower House of Parliament) on Monday finally selected 10 lawmakers as members of the joint committee of the two houses of parliament to decide upon President Ashraf Ghani’s legislative decree on electoral reforms.

A number of MPs were against those selected and said they believed that fraud was committed in the process. Most of the MPs selected for the committee are against the reforms decree, they alleged.

Qudratullah Zazai, Sediq Ahmad Osmani, Najia Babakarkhail, Abdul Qadir Zazai, Ghoryani, Obaidullah Barikzai, Mohammad Saleh, Kubra Mustafawi, Mohammad Hashim Mahdawi and Mohammad Sarwar Osmani were the 10 MPs that were selected for the committee.

“A number of compromises were made in selecting members of the committee,” said Taiba Khawari, MP.

The judicial committee of the Wolesi Jirga suggested Kamal Nasir Osuli, Mir Rahman Rahmani, Abdul Qadir Zazai, Ghoryani, Ghulam Farooq Majroh, Abdalullah Mohammadi, Mohammad Saleh, Helai Ershad,

Mohammad Sarwar Osmani and Sharifi Balkhabi for membership of the committee.

“The judicial commission of the house introduced 10 MPs for the committee, but fraud was committed later in the final selection of the committee members. The selected MPs are those that want the decree to be rejected,” said Mohammad Abduh, MP.

Analysts said they believed that if the decree was to be approved by the joint committee, the first steps would be taken in bringing reforms to the election committees and the electoral system.

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