Women Among Seven Beheaded in Zabul


All seven kidnapped passengers, including three women have been beheaded by Daesh militants in southern Zabul, said the security officials.

They were the residents of Ghazni province and were kidnapped in Zabul a few months ago when they were on the way to their province, said Jailani Farahi, police chief of Zabul.

According to him, Daesh militants decapitated the abductees in Arghandab district in Zabul.

“These passengers were with Daesh militants who beheaded them,” Farahi said. “We were able to receive their bodies with the help of tribal elders.”

However this was the first time that women are being beheaded in the country.

“Among those beheaded were three women whose necks were brutally cut,” head of Zabul provincial council Atta Jan Haq Parast said.

Daesh – who originated from Iraq and Syria – is an extremist Islamic militant group that has recently emerged in parts of Afghanistan.

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