Wounded Soldiers Pay Heavy Price Of War


A number of soldiers, wounded in action, have spoken out about their struggles and say that the treatment they get at the Sardar Mohammad Daud hospital is not very good.

Abdul Agha, was a security force member in the police for ten years. He lost a hand and his sight in a Logar attack a year ago. Today, he relies on his daughter for help in getting around.

“I have gone through difficult times and sleep in the car and in the mountains. The Ministry of Interior pays me 8,000 Afs per month which sometimes it also delays and they pay me once every six months or so. The ministry would not help me and said they could do nothing for me,” Agha said.

Saifo Khan is another soldier who once fought insurgents in Helmand. But he was also injured and is house bound. He said his father now has to support him and pay for his medical expenses.

“The 400-bed hospital (Sardar Mohammad Daud) did not give us good medicine. I spend all my salary on my son’s medicine,” said Sarwar Khan, Saifo’s father.

However, the Ministry of Defense said in response that they are trying to provide the best medicine, doctors and treatment available.

“We are trying to offer the best services to our staff,” said Muhammad Rad Manish, deputy spokesman for the ministry of defense.

In another part of Kabul, Shuja, the family of a soldier who was killed in Janikhail in Paktia two months ago said they are not happy with government.

“In the hospitals, even their staff do not behave in a good manner with the martyred families and say that you yourselves should find the martyred soldier,” said Nazir Ahamd, Shuja’s brother.


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