Wreath Laid To Mark 14th Anniversary of Massoud's Death


Government officials, dignitaries, former Jihadi leaders, family and friends of Ahmad Shah Massoud marked the 14th anniversary of his assassination on Wednesday at a wreath laying ceremony in Massoud Square in Kabul.

Both of Massoud’s brothers, Ahmad Wali and Ahmad Zia, attended the ceremony. Ahmad Wali called for national unity and said agents within the government need to be ousted. He said: “Agents in the government system are trying to assassinate dignitaries in the country.”

“Targeted killings would not be possible without the fifth pillar of enemies in the government system and the government should identify these people in the system and stop the killings. Otherwise they will continue to target important people in Afghanistan,” Ahmad Wali Massoud said.

Ahmad Zia Massoud, meanwhile says his brother was indeed a war hero.

“Ahmad Shah Massoud led the war against the Soviets and another against Pakistan in the history of the country and is the hero of the two biggest wars,” he said.

Meanwhile, Ahmad Massoud, the son of Ahmad Shah Massoud, also marked the day in his own way by donating blood for injured Afghan security forces. He called on people to recognize and remember the achievements and sacrifices made by the security forces.

“Those who are a new generation should come and donate blood and it should become a culture because we need it,” he said.

Saleh Mohammad Registani, a relative of Ahmad Shah Massoud, also said that “those soldiers on the battlefield who need blood have a right to ask us for it”.

Ahmad Shah Massoud was assassinated by two suspected al-Qaeda members posing as journalists two days before the 9/11 World Trade Center attack in the U.S. The suicide bombers had spent 15 days in northern Afghanistan waiting to meet Massoud at Khvajeh Baha od Din district of northern Takhar province.

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