Wreath Laid To Mark 2nd Anniversary of Fahim's Death


A wreath laying ceremony was held Tuesday in Kabul to mark second anniversary of former Vice President Marshal Mohammad Fahim’s death.

Government officials, dignitaries and former Jihadi leaders attended the ceremony where they spoke about personality of Fahim and paid tribute to his service for the country.

“Marshal Fahim’s works for progress of Afghanistan is clearly evident,” said Abdullah Abdullah, Chief Executive of Afghanistan.

He said a number of Afghan heroes were “hunted” through a chain of conspiracies to keep the war imposed on the nation.

“Today if we had Fahim among us, the peace process would go well and security would be maintained across the country,” said Ahmad Zia Massoud, President Ashraf Ghani’s special representative for reforms and good governance.

Massoud said Fahim had good relations with all tribes of Afghanistan and he could better manage security of the country.

However he called upon nation to stay calm as he hopes Afghanistan will get rid of the current situation soon.

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